Ethiopia houses More than 850 bird species, of which about 16 are endemic.

Its diverse habitats, highlands, lowland, forests, lakes, wetlands and river-line systems provide sites for wintering or passage birds. Ethiopia therefore is truly an ornithological paradise, which never disappoints bird lovers that traveled thousands of miles just to see their beloved specimen.


As everyone loves watching birds and listening to their songs. This page however targets bird-enthusiasts that watch birds either for hobby and/or professional publishing and classifying studies.

Bird watching needs the instincts, patience and maneuvers of a hunter, as it is indeed hunting, where the camera replaces the rifle.
Mimosa Ethiopia Tours has served quite a few professional bird-watchers that have toured round the globe in search of endemic birds. All of them have testified that their bird-watching experience in Ethiopia ranks among the best.

Bird Watching Itineraries
most bird watching itineraries are in the south of the country. An itinerary in search of all of Ethiopia’s endemic birds would take a minimum of 3 weeks, but shorter tour of about 10-15 days which would guarantee seeing most of the endemics and several hundred other species could be set up.