Gambela Safari
It is found to the west of Ethiopia around 800 kms from Addis Ababa. The whole area of Gambella is a vast land filled with of savannas, untouched forests, fast flowing rivers and wide grass plains stretching to the border of the Sudan. Gambella has rich in wildlife of a very wide variety. The most common observed area Buffalo, Giraffe, Water Buck, Antelopes, Zebra, Bush Buck etc. and the most outstanding feature of the area is the spectacular migration of herds of White-eared Kob. The rivers of Gambella are full of crocodile and hippopotamus. The inhabitants of this area are Nilotic people, the Anuak and Nur other small tribes

Omo Safari
Omo is known for itts special safaris tour which visitors have the chance for different Ethiopian tribe’s expedition and game animals Found in the national parks. It is a camping Safari Toru of South Ethiopia, that gives an explore the different ethnic groups such as the Mursi, Karo, Bume, Geleb, Hamer, Konso etc. with their richand incredible life style. The Safari expedition tour enables you to discover the different big game animals like Buffalo, Zebras, Giraffes, Elephants, Leopards and Lions living in the National Parks and in the Savannah Grasslands and the scenic beauty of the southern region.

Omo River
Omo is The most known river for Rafting in Ethiopia River, which goes about 350 kilometers the river is a steep, inaccessible valley and mellows its pace as it nears the lowlands, finishing can be perform ,the area is covered with flat semi desert bush, lake Turkana is the last destination of the river

It is also known for its ribes and being the most remote area in the country.

The high season for Omo trips is between September and October, when the river is still high from the June-September then our company can give you the right program with then right time.

Awash River
The Awash national park is known for its multy attractions from its wild life to its rivers, it is starched 28 kilometer of the Awash river offer a superb one or two-day trip featuring lots of spirited rapids, wildlife and impressive rugged cliffs and side canyons. The trip starts at the Awash falls, with a paddling drill in the foaming pool below, and the rapids follow one after another with fast drops, narrow channels and fast current.

The Blue Nile
Bleu Nile has got a very good potential for rafting, but still it is not common like the other sites.

With the falls this river has and its long way make it the moss potential north Ethiopia’s, but in some part of the river is use for hydro power and uses ,having this all people are now arranging to make it convenient