Ethiopia is called the roof of Africa with its high peaks like the Semien Mountains in the Semien mountains national park and senate in the Bale national park these are the most rugged mountains on the Africa

This make Ethiopia one of the worlds trekking area, the potential to make trekking is not limited to these areas in the extern north of the country called Tigray is also possible with the possibilities to visit 4th century churches.


The Simien Mountains Massif is one of the major highlands of Africa, rising to the highest point in Ethiopia, Ras Dashen (4,620m), which is the fourth highest peak in the continent. Although in Africa, snow and ice appear on the highest points, and night temperatures often fall below zero.

The Simien Mountains and bale mountain are the most commonly visited for trekking, , they have an excellent trekking area with a good infrastructure of equipment provision ,guide facilities and will well secured camping areas as well as lodges.

These areas have spectacular views and a large variety of wildlife for example in the semien mountains there are animals like baboons, ibexes, Ethiopian wolves and birds of prey such as the rare lammergeyer, a huge vulture and other many. Besides to this The Park is made up of a rocky massif and covered with grass. The Bale Mountains are high lands especially the senate plateau which reaches to more than 3400m is covered with grass called ever last grass.

Both areas are filled with hot pockers and with more than 60 bird species then this show that when people decide to make trekking to this area they will have other attractions to be visited

The Access to Semien Mountains is that through Gonder then to Debarik, the small town the bark is in the entrance of the trekking sites, or which is only101km from Gonder. To that of bale is through Goba which is near to the park.