Carissimo Jemal.
Noi siamo contentissimi di averti conosciuto: ci sei piaciuto come guida ma ancora prima come persona!
Torniamo affascianti da ciò che ci hai fatto vedere.
Il Popolo Etiope ci resta nel cuore!
Un caldo abbraccio e, spero, al piacere di rivederti.

I would like to let you know that we have had a wonderful trip; all the arrangements you made went so smoothly without any hitches at all, the tour guide, the car hire, the accommodation, the tours, the transfers everything. Beyond all that was a surprise for us and your Knowledge about all sites and for the non stop refreshments like the juice and snacks you provide us through out the drive which we didn’t pay for. Truly Ethiopian hospitality is amazing.
Ingrid Peters, American
The trip was wonderful! The tour guide Jemal was  friendly, enthusiastic and informed. We learned quite a lot about the history and landscape of the region and its people, as well as its present. Jeep drivers Getu and Belay brought us safely to our many destinations with good humor. There was a perfect balance between free time and tour time. The local experts were terrific - engaging and educated.
The accommodations were comfortable and centrally-located. The stops along the way were interesting. Thank you so much for making our holiday so memorable.
Richard Velmans. - The Netherlands