Halaba’s Tribe

The Southern Nations, nationalities and peoples Regional (SNNPR) State is one of the states. This regional state is a region where multi-nationalities and multiple ethnic groups, each with its own distinct cultures, languages and heritages co-exist. The cultural values, norms, customary institutions, social systems, and methods of economic activities reveal ways of living and sustaining the daily life of the people. Halaba is one the ethnic groups of the regional state with its unique culture and history.

The Halaba have shared various cultural practices and life style with various other peoples‟ cultures. The cultural interaction established with others and the contacts with outsiders who have influenced the culture, customs, institutions and artistic heritages of the nationality in some extent.

Cultural practices and life styles have even developed a misconception about their indigenous cultural practices and wisdom. This is mainly because of modernizations and globalization that are forcing the youth to undermine their own traditions and adhere to the cultural practices and life styles that are uncommon to the culture of their own. Young generation of Halaba is by no means free from this since they are doweling in the same region or country.

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