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Halaba Eco Tour

The Halaba’s cultural values, norms, customary institutions, social systems, and methods of economic activities reveal ways of living and sustaining the daily life of the people, Halaba is one the ethnic groups in South Ethiopia, with its unique culture, nature and history.

The Halabas have shared various cultural practices and life style with various other peoplescultures. The cultural interaction established with others and the contacts with outsiders who have influenced the culture, customs, institutions and artistic heritages of the nationality in some extent.

Recommended itineraries

Day 01: Kulito – Arto hot spring 

After breakfast, start trekking from Kulito town to Arto hot spring and on the way, cross Bilate River and different landscapes. When we get at the hot spring, we will take shower with fresh water from the hot spring and install our tents for camping. 

O/N at Camping

Day 02: Arto hot spring – Kulito town

In the morning, walk around the hot spring to observe some bird species and continue trekking back to the town, on the way you will attend on coffee ceremony in one of the traditional huts of halaba village, after lunch visit the Fama falls before you get back to the town.

O/N at Sera Lodge

Day 03: Kulito town – Sifame caves 

After breakfast, trek to Sifame defence caves crossing different halaba’s villages and landscapes. After lunch, visit the colorful cultural houses of halaba people.

at Sera Lodge

Refreshment tour

Day 1: Halaba Kulito – Langano

Day 2: Langano – Hawassa

Day 3: Hawassa – Wendo – Halaba Kulito

Bird watching tour

Day 1: full day sight seeing for watching birds and taking some pictures of bird species along Bilate River

Day 2: full day for bird watching and taking some pictures of bird species at Arto hot spring

Day 3: full day for watching birds and taking some pictures of bird species at
Sifame caves and Rikame Mountains…..

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