About Us

About Us

Mimosa Ethiopia Tour is a professional & experienced Tour operator in Ethiopia, concentrating on all types of tours to this land of exotic beauty. We guarantee to give you utmost service with very best competitive price, which will be an expression of appreciation during your stay in exotic Ethiopia.

We named our Tour Company’s name by “Mimosa”, one of the most famous trees in Ethiopia and the first flowered tree seen in the capital that in 1886, Empress Taytu the wife of King Menelik II camped at Filwoha (hot spring) and she decided to build a house north of the hot spring. Queen Taytu settled fully in 1887, after King Menelik II returned from the battle in March of that year, gave it the name Addis Ababa (New Flower), possibly due to the presence of Mimosa Trees. Officially, the name of the capital city changed from Entoto to Addis Ababa in 1906.

Mimosa Ethiopia Tour, established in 2012 with long time experienced professionals, with the great mission of planning and developing unforgettable holidays with special care of Ethiopian Hospitality.
We work carefully to offer you unique and customized itineraries, which will make you to capture the heart and the soul of Ethiopian destinations.

Mimosa Ethiopia Tour is run by a dynamic and competent team; who is completely dedicated to give best services for the satisfaction of clients with very best competitive price, which will be an expression of admiration during your stay in Ethiopia.. Our knowledge and experience in these destinations can’t be explained in utterances but you need to experience it with a very special team of multi-lingual professionals.

Jemal Birega Mekuria

Mr. Jemal Birega

The founder & G/M of Mimosa Ethiopia Tour, is a professional Tour guide, operator, guidebook writer and traveler, specializing in Ethiopia’s history and tourist attraction sites, He has traveled the whole part of the country, born in 1984 and raised in Halaba Zone in the southern part of Ethiopia.

After studying Tourism, Hotel Management and Ethiopian history, he started working on tourism since 2010 exploring each & every corner of the country and going deeper into Ethiopia’s history, geographical events, ethnic groups’ differentiation, social norms, economy, languages, marriage & ritual ceremonies, and related issues.

He speaks English, Italian, French and 4 local languages, has been contributing his part to the development of tourism and hospitality industry in Ethiopia.

All the tour guides working for Mimosa Ethiopia Tour are graduated of tourism training in depth knowledge of history, geography, architecture, painting, culture, archaeology, religion, wild life, ornithology and botany of Ethiopia, with long years of experience travelling throughout the country…

Mimosa Ethiopia Tour has guides who speak English, Italiano, Français, German, Spanish, and in addition to many local languages.

Drivers of Mimosa Ethiopia Tour are well experienced, helpful, honest, punctual and mechanically professional who make your trip comfortable, safe and rewarding experience. The drivers and guides are knowledgeable of local community’s language and excellent relationships with village heads; such that clients enjoy a more authentic experience than most large, tour companies can offer.

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